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Functional Bracing



Fusion OA


502900Fusion OA CustomCustom
502901Fusion OA Custom, Color OptionCustom
50283XFusion OA OTS, LeftXS-2XL
50284XFusion OA OTS, RightXS-2XL


Solus OA


502903Solus OA CustomCustom
502904Solus OA Custom, Color OptionCustom


Reload Knee Brace


50503XReload Knee Brace, RT Medial (LT Lateral)XS-3X
50504XReload Knee Brace, LT Medial (RT Lateral)XS-3X


The Revolution


50540XRevolution Knee Brace, LeftXS-2X
50541XRevolution Knee Brace, RightXS-2X


The Knight


50610XThe Knight, ACL, Short Calf, LeftXS-3X
50611XThe Knight, ACL, Short Calf, RightXS-3X
50612XThe Knight, ACL, Standard Calf, LeftXS-3X
50613XThe Knight, ACL, Standard Calf, RightXS-3X
50614XThe Knight, CI, Short Calf, LeftXS-3X
50615XThe Knight, CI, Short Calf, RightXS-3X
50616XThe Knight, CI, Standard Calf, LeftXS-3X
50617XThe Knight, CI, Standard Calf, RightXS-3X
50618XThe Knight, PCL, Short Calf, LeftXS-3X
50619XThe Knight, PCL, Short Calf, RightXS-3X
50620XThe Knight, PCL, Standard Calf, LeftXS-3X
50621XThe Knight, PCL, Standard Calf, RightXS-3X
50630XThe Knight OA, ACL, ShortXS-3X
50634XThe Knight OA, ACL, StandardXS-3X
50638XThe Knight OA, CI, ShortXS-3X
50642XThe Knight OA, CI, StandardXS-3X


The Crusader


507100The Crusader, ACLCustom
507101The Crusader, CICustom
507102The Crusader, PCLCustom
507103The Crusader, OACustom
507104The Crusader, OA/ACLCustom


Functional Bracing Accessories


502870Fusion, Suspension StrapXS-2XL
502871Fusion, Silicone Strap PaddingXS-2XL
502872Fusion, Gel Pad w/coverXS-2XL
502873Fusion, Gel Pad w/cover, low profileXS-2XL
50291XFusion, Strap Set, ThighXS-2XL
50292XFusion, Strap Set, CalfXS-2XL
50293XFusion, Frame Pad, Left CalfXS-2XL
50294XFusion, Frame Pad, Right CalfXS-2XL
50295XFusion, Frame Pad, Left ThighXS-2XL
50296XFusion, Frame Pad, Right ThighXS-2XL
50297XFusion, Cotton/Lycra under sleeveXS-2XL


Post-Op Bracing





505501Tele-Range, Post-Op BraceUniversal
505502Tele-Range, XL, Post-Op BraceUniversal
505503Tele-Range, Full Foam, Post-Op BraceUniversal
505504Tele-Range, Full Foam, XL, Post-Op BraceUniversal


TR Post-Op Brace


505511TR, Post-Op Brace, CoolUniversal
505512TR, Post-Op Brace, Cool, XLUniversal


TR Post-Op Full Foam


505513TR, Post-Op Brace, Full Foam, Fits thigh up to 27"Universal
505514TR, Post-Op Brace, Full Foam, XL, Fits thigh 27" - 35"Universal


TR Post-Op PCL Brace


505541TR, Post-Op PCL Brace, Fits thigh up to 27"Universal


Rapid Fit Post-Op Brace


505523Rapid Fit Post-Op Brace, 14" - 18"SM
505524Rapid Fit Post-Op Brace, 18" - 22"MD
505525Rapid Fit Post-Op Brace, 22" - 27"LG
505526Rapid Fit Post-Op Brace, 27" - 31"XL


TR Rehab Post-Op Brace


505533TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, 14" - 18"SM
505534TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, 18" - 22"MD
505535TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, 22" - 27"LG
505536TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, 27" - 31"XL
505553TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, Kewl Mesh, 14" - 18"SM
505554TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, Kewl Mesh, 18" - 22"MD
505555TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, Kewl Mesh, 22" - 27"LG
505556TR, Rehab Post-Op Brace, Kewl Mesh, 27" - 31"XL
505530TR, Rehab Post-Op BraceUniversal


Universal Knee Immobilizer


505111Universal Knee Immobilizer 12"12"
505112Universal Knee Immobilizer 14"14"
505113Universal Knee Immobilizer 16"16"
505114Universal Knee Immobilizer 18"18"
505115Universal Knee Immobilizer 20"20"
505116Universal Knee Immobilizer 22"22"
505117Universal Knee Immobilizer 24"24"


Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer


505711Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer12"
505712Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer14"
505713Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer16"
505714Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer18"
505715Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer20"
505716Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer22"
505717Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer24"


Tele-Range Accessories


505505Tele-Range Replacement Pad Set  
505506Tele-Range Full Foam Replacement Pad Set 
505507Tele-Range Full Foam XL Replacement Pad Set  
505508Tele-Range Replacement Condyle Pad Set 


Post-Op Bracing (T-Scope)


502801T-Scope, XLUniversal
502802T-Scope, Full FoamUniversal


T-Scope Accessories


502880Replacement Pad Set, T-ScopeUniversal
502881Replacement Pad Set, Full Foam, T-ScopeUniversal
502882Replacement Pad Set, XL, Full Foam, T-ScopeUniversal
502883Condyle Pads, T-ScopeUniversal


Hinged Knee Bracing



Hinged Knee Plus


50536XHinged Knee Plus NeopreneXXS-3XL
50537XHinged Knee Plus Wraparound NeopreneXXS-3XL
50538XHinged Knee Plus Kewl MeshXXS-3XL
50539XHinged Knee Plus Wraparound Kewl MeshXXS-3XL


Hinged Knee Plus, Half Wrap


50501XHinged Knee Plus, Neoprene, Half WrapXXS-3X
50502XHinged Knee Plus, Kewl Mesh, Half WrapXXS-3X


Hinged Knee


50532XHinged Knee NeopreneXXS-3XL
50533XHinged Knee Wraparound NeopreneXXS-3XL
50534XHinged Knee Kewl MeshXXS-3XL
50535XHinged Knee Wraparound Kewl MeshXXS-3XL


Economy Hinged Knee


50529XEconomy Hinged Knee NeopreneXXS-3XL
50530XEconomy Hinged Knee Kewl MeshXXS-3XL
50531XEconomy Hinged Knee Wraparound Kewl MeshXXS-3XL


Patella Stabilizers & Knee Sleeves



Lateral Patella Stabilizer


50520XLateral Patella Stabilizer - Left Kewl MeshXS-3XL
50521XLateral Patella Stabilizer - Right Kewl MeshXS-3XL
50522XLateral Patella Stabilizer - Left NeopreneXS-3XL
50523XLateral Patella Stabilizer - Right NeopreneXS-3XL


Adjustable Patella Buttress


50517XAdj. Patella Buttress, Neoprene, w/Open PatellaXS-3XL
50518XAdj. Patella Buttress, Kewl Mesh, w/Open PatellaXS-3XL
50513XAdj. Patella Buttress, w/contour hinge, Neoprene, PoplitealXXS-3X
50514XAdj. Patella Buttress, w/contour hinge, Kewl Mesh, PoplitealXXS-3X
50515XAdj. Patella Buttress, w/contour hinge, NeopreneXXS-3X
50516XAdj. Patella Buttress, w/contour hinge, Kewl MeshXXS-3X


Tendonitis Strap


505001Tendonitis Strap 1 InchUniversal


Knee Sleeve


50524XKnee Sleeve NeopreneXS-3XL
50525XKnee Sleeve w/Open Patella NeopreneXS-3XL
50526XKnee Sleeve w/Open Patella, Popliteal, NeopreneXS-3XL
50527XKnee Sleeve Kewl MeshXS-3XL
50528XKnee Sleeve w/Open Patella Kewl MeshXS-3XL
50512XKnee Sleeve w/Open Patella Popliteal, Kewl MeshXS-3XL


Thigh Sleeve


50410XThigh SleeveXS-2XL


Industrial Knee Pad


50237XIndustrial Knee PadXS-3X


Lateral Patella Stabilizer with Contour Hinge


50560XLateral Patella Stabilizer W/ Contour Hinge, Right, NeopreneXXS-3X
50561XLateral Patella Stabilizer W/ Contour Hinge, Right, Kewl MeshXXS-3X
50562XLateral Patella Stabilizer W/ Contour Hinge, Left, NeopreneXXS-3X
50563XLateral Patella Stabilizer W/ Contour Hinge, Left, Kewl MeshXXS-3X




Shoulder Abduction


502053Stable Sling, Small< - 11"
502054Stable Sling, Medium11" - 13"
502055Stable Sling, Large13" - 15"
502056Stable Sling, X-Large15" +
502061Stable Sling only, Small< - 11"
502062Stable Sling only, Medium11" - 13"
502063Stable Sling only, Large13" - 15"
502063Stable Sling only, X-Large15" +
502070Stable Sling UniverseUniversal
502071Stable Sling Universe, Sling onlyUniversal


Stable Sling 2


502073Stable Sling 2, Small< - 11"
502074Stable Sling 2, Medium11" - 13"
502075Stable Sling 2, Large13" - 15"
502076Stable Sling 2, X-Large15" +


Stable Sling 3


502083Standard Abduction Pillow, Small< - 11"
502084Standard Abduction Pillow, Medium11" - 13"
502085Standard Abduction Pillow, Large13" - 15"
502086Standard Abduction Pillow, X-Large15" +
502043External Rotation Abduction Pillow, Small< - 11"
502044External Rotation Abduction Pillow, Medium11" - 13"
502045External Rotation Abduction Pillow, Large13" - 15"
502046External Rotation Abduction Pillow, X-Large15" +
502093Stable Sling 3 Only, Small< - 11"
502094Stable Sling 3 Only, Medium11" - 13"
502095Stable Sling 3 Only, Large13" - 15"
502096Stable Sling 3 Only, X-Large15" +


Stable Sling Accessories


502057Anti-Rotational StrapUniversal
502058Abduction Pillow with Waist StrapUniversal
502059Therapy Ball w/holderUniversal
50206015° Rotation WedgeUniversal
502160The SPDUniversal


Shoulder Brace


502141The Remedy 2.0 Shoulder Brace, Left 
502142The Remedy 2.0 Shoulder Brace, Right 
502143The Remedy 2.0 ER Shoulder Brace, Left 
502144The Remedy 2.0 ER Shoulder Brace, Right 


Anchor Shoulder Brace


50217XAnchor Shoulder Brace, Bilateral 
50218XAnchor Shoulder Brace, Left 
50219XAnchor Shoulder Brace, Right 


Elbow Sleeve


504122Elbow SleeveXS
504123Elbow SleeveSM
504124Elbow SleeveMD
504125Elbow SleeveLG
504126Elbow SleeveXL
504127Elbow Sleeve2XL


ProteX Elbow Brace


504203 ProteX Elbow Brace, Small10" - 11.5"
504204ProteX Elbow Brace, Medium11.5" - 13"
504205ProteX Elbow Brace, Large13" - 14.5"
504206ProteX Elbow Brace, X-Large14.5" - 16"
504207ProteX Elbow Brace, 2X-Large16" - 17.5"
504208ProteX Elbow Brace, 3X-Large17.5" - 19"


Shoulder Immobilizer


502220Universal w/fixed Humeral CuffUniversal
502221Universal w/removable Humeral & Wrist CuffsUniversal
50223XShoulder Immobilizer w/Web StrapXS-XL
502238Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer Sling w/Web StrapSM/MD
502239Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer Sling w/Web StrapLG/XL
502210Universal Shoulder ImmobilizerUniversal
50220XShoulder Immobilizer w/Foam StrapXS-XL


Universal Arm Sling

502000Arm Sling, UniversalDepth - 7"Length - 18"
502050Arm Sling w/pad, UniversalDepth - 7"Length - 18"
502051Arm Sling, padded UniversalUniversalLength - 18"


Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad


502001Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - XXSDepth - 6"Length - 8"
502002Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - XSDepth - 7"Length - 10"
502003Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - SMDepth - 7"Length - 13"
502004Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - MDDepth - 7"Length - 15"
502005Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - LGDepth - 8"Length - 17"
502006Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - XLDepth - 9"Length - 20"
502007Arm Sling w/Shoulder Pad - 2XDepth - 9"Length - 23"
502008Pediatric Arm Sling- SM/MDDepth - 5"Length - 8.5"
502009Pediatric Arm Sling - LG/XLDepth - 5.5"Length - 10"


Arm Sling w/Open Pocket


502012Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - XSDepth - 6"Length - 10"
502013Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - SMDepth - 7"Length - 13"
502014Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - MDDepth - 8"Length - 15"
502015Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - LGDepth - 8"Length - 17"
502016Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - XLDepth - 9"Length - 19"
502017Arm Sling w/Open Pocket - 2XDepth - 9"Length - 21"


Arm Sling w/Padded Strap


502023Arm Sling w/Padded Strap - SMDepth - 8"Length - 13"
502024Arm Sling w/Padded Strap - MDDepth - 8"Length - 15"
502025Arm Sling w/Padded Strap - LGDepth - 8"Length - 18"
502026Arm Sling w/Padded Strap - XLDepth - 9"Length - 20"




Lunar Air Walker




501772Lunar Air Walker, TallXSMen's < 4Women's < 5
501773Lunar Air Walker, TallSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501774Lunar Air Walker, TallMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501775Lunar Air Walker, TallLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501776Lunar Air Walker, TallXLMen's > 13Women's > 15
501782Lunar Air Walker, ShortXSMen's < 4Women's < 5
501783Lunar Air Walker, ShortSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501784Lunar Air Walker, ShortMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501785Lunar Air Walker, ShortLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501786Lunar Air Walker, ShortXLMen's > 13Women's > 15


Horizon Walkers


501702Air Horizon Walker, TallXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
501703Air Horizon Walker, TallSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501704Air Horizon Walker, TallMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501705Air Horizon Walker, TallLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501706Air Horizon Walker, TallXLMen's > 13Women's > 15
501712Air Horizon Walker, ShortXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
501713Air Horizon Walker, ShortSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501714Air Horizon Walker, ShortMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501715Air Horizon Walker, ShortLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501716Air Horizon Walker, ShortXLMen's > 13Women's > 15
501693Air Horizon Walker, PediatricSM6.5 - 9.5 Child
501694Air Horizon Walker, PediatricMDChild 10 to Youth 1
501695Air Horizon Walker, PediatricLGYouth 1 - 2.5
501722Horizon Walker, TallXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
501723Horizon Walker, TallSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501724Horizon Walker, TallMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501725Horizon Walker, TallLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501726Horizon Walker, TallXLMen's > 13Women's > 15
501732Horizon Walker, ShortXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
501733Horizon Walker, ShortSMMen's 4-7Women's 5-8
501734Horizon Walker, ShortMDMen's 7-10Women's 8-11
501735Horizon Walker, ShortLGMen's 10-13Women's 11-15
501736Horizon Walker, ShortXLMen's > 13Women's > 15
501743Pediatric Horizon WalkerSM6.5 - 9.5 Child
501744Pediatric Horizon WalkerMDChild 10 to Youth 1
501745Pediatric Horizon WalkerLGYouth 1 - 2.5


Solar Walker


502582Solar Air Walker, TallXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
502583Solar Air Walker, TallSMMen's < 4.5 - 7Women's 6 - 8
502584Solar Air Walker, TallMDMen's 7.5 - 10.5Women's 8.5 - 11.5
502585Solar Air Walker, TallLGMen's 10.5 - 12.5Women's 11.5 - 13.5
502586Solar Air Walker, TallXLMen's > 12.5Women's > 13.5
502592Solar Air Walker, ShortXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
502593Solar Air Walker, ShortSMMen's < 4.5 - 7Women's 6 - 8
502594Solar Air Walker, ShortMDMen's 7.5 - 10.5Women's 8.5 - 11.5
502595Solar Air Walker, ShortLGMen's 10.5 - 12.5Women's 11.5 - 13.5
502596Solar Air Walker, ShortXLMen's > 12.5Women's > 13.5
502682Solar Walker, TallXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
502683Solar Walker, TallSMMen's < 4.5 - 7Women's 6 - 8
502684Solar Walker, TallMDMen's 7.5 - 10.5Women's 8.5 - 11.5
502685Solar Walker, TallLGMen's 10.5 - 12.5Women's 11.5 - 13.5
502686Solar Walker, TallXLMen's > 12.5Women's > 13.5
502692Solar Walker, ShortXSMen's < 4Women's < 5.5
502693Solar Walker, ShortSMMen's < 4.5 - 7Women's 6 - 8
502694Solar Walker, ShortMDMen's 7.5 - 10.5Women's 8.5 - 11.5
502695Solar Walker, ShortLGMen's 10.5 - 12.5Women's 11.5 - 13.5
502696Solar Walker, ShortXLMen's > 12.5Women's > 13.5


Gauntlet Pro Cinch


501902Gauntlet Pro CinchXSMen's 6 - 7Women's 5 - 6
501903Gauntlet Pro CinchSMMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 6.5 - 8
501904Gauntlet Pro CinchMDMen's 9.5 - 11Women's 8.5 - 10
501905Gauntlet Pro CinchLGMen's 11.5 - 13Women's 10.5 - 12
501906Gauntlet Pro CinchXLMen's 13.5 - 15Women's 12.5 - 14
501907Gauntlet Pro CinchXXLMen's 15+


The Gauntlet Pro


501912The Gauntlet ProXSMen's 6 - 7Women's 5 - 6
501913The Gauntlet ProSMMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 6.5 - 8
501914The Gauntlet ProMDMen's 9.5 - 11Women's 8.5 - 10
501915The Gauntlet ProLGMen's 11.5 - 13Women's 10.5 - 12
501916The Gauntlet ProXLMen's 13.5 - 15Women's 12.5 - 14
501917The Gauntlet ProXXLMen's 15+


Hinged Gauntlet Pro


501842Hinged Gauntlet ProXSMen's 6 - 7Women's 5 - 6
501843Hinged Gauntlet ProSMMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 6.5 - 8
501844Hinged Gauntlet ProMDMen's 9.5 - 11Women's 8.5 - 10
501845Hinged Gauntlet ProLGMen's 11.5 - 13Women's 10.5 - 12
501846Hinged Gauntlet ProXLMen's 13.5 - 15Women's 12.5 - 14
501847Hinged Gauntlet ProXXLMen's 15+


The Gauntlet


501932The Gauntlet XSMen's 6 - 7Women's 5 - 6
501933The GauntletSMMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 6.5 - 8
501934The GauntletMDMen's 9.5 - 11Women's 8.5 - 10
501935The GauntletLGMen's 11.5 - 13Women's 10.5 - 12
501936The GauntletXLMen's 13.5 - 15Women's 12.5 - 14
501937The GauntletXXLMen's 15+





Ankle Stabilizer




501922Ankle StabilizerXSMen's 6-7Women's 5-6
501923Ankle StabilizerSMMen's 7.5-9Women's 6.5-8
501924Ankle StabilizerMDMen's 9.5-11Women's 8.5-10
501925Ankle StabilizerLGMen's 11.5-13Women's 10.5-12
501926Ankle StabilizerXLMen's 13.5-15Women's 12.5-14
501927Ankle StabilizerXXLMen's 15+


Hinged Ankle Stabilizer


501852Hinged Ankle StabilizerXS
501853Hinged Ankle StabilizerSM
501854Hinged Ankle StabilizerMD
501855Hinged Ankle StabilizerLG
501856Hinged Ankle StabilizerXL
501857Hinged Ankle StabilizerXXL


Air Ankle Stirrup


502360Air Ankle Stirrup, Small9"
502361Air Ankle Stirrup, Trainer9 1/4"
502362Air Ankle Stirrup, Regular10 1/4"


Air/Gel Ankle Stabilizer


502350Air/Gel Ankle Stabilizer, Small9"
502351Air/Gel Ankle Stabilizer, Trainer9 1/4"
502352Air/Gel Ankle Stabilizer, Regular10 1/4"


Post-Op Shoe & Cast Boots



Cast Boot (Rocker)


502503Cast Boot (Rocker)XSMen's N/AWomen's < - 4.5
502504Cast Boot (Rocker)SMMen's 4.5 - 6Women's 5 - 7.5
502506Cast Boot (Rocker)MDMen's 9 - 10Women's 8 - 9.5
502508Cast Boot (Rocker)LGMen's 10.5 - 12Women's 9.5 - 12
502509Cast Boot (Rocker)XLMen's 12.5 - 14Women's 12 >


Posterior Night Splint




501753Posterior Night SplintSMMen's < 7Women's < 7.5
501754Posterior Night SplintMDMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 8 - 9.5
501755Posterior Night SplintLGMen's 9.5 - 11.5Women's 10 - 12.5


Forefoot Offloading Shoe


501762Forefoot Offloading ShoeXSMen's N/AWomen's 4 - 7
501763Forefoot Offloading ShoeSMMen's 6 - 8Women's 7.5 - 10
501764Forefoot Offloading ShoeMDMen's 8.5 - 10Women's 10.5 - 13
501765Forefoot Offloading ShoeLGMen's 10.5 - 12Women's N/A
501766Forefoot Offloading ShoeXLMen's 12.5 - 14Women's N/A


Post Op Shoe, Square Toe


502443Post Op Shoe, Square ToeXSMen's N/AWomen's 4 - 6
502445Post Op Shoe, Square ToeSMMen's 5.5 - 7Women's 6.5 - 8
502446Post Op Shoe, Square ToeMDMen's 7.5 - 9Women's 8.5 - 10
502447Post Op Shoe, Square ToeLGMen's 9.5 - 11Women's 10.5 - 12
502448Post Op Shoe, Square ToeXLMen's 11.5 - 13Women's 12+
502441Post Op Shoe, Square Toe, Youth/Child12 - 2


Calf Sleeve


504112Calf SleeveXSCircumference's 12 - 13
504113Calf SleeveSMCircumference's 13 - 14
504114Calf SleeveMDCircumference's 14 - 15
504115Calf SleeveLGCircumference's 15 - 17
504116Calf SleeveXLCircumference's 17 - 19


Post Op Shoe, Rigid


502402Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Men'sSM6 - 8
502403Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Men'sMD8.5 - 10
502404Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Men'sLG10.5 - 12
502405Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Men'sXL12.5 - 14
502412Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Women'sSM4 - 6
502413Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Women'sMD6.5 - 8
502414Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Women'sLG8.5 - 10
502411Post Op Shoe, Rigid, Youth/Child12 - 2


Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid)


502422Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Men'sSM6 - 8
502423Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Men'sMD8.5 - 10
502424Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Men'sLG10.5 - 12
502425Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Men'sXL12.5 - 14
502426Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Women'sSM4 - 6
502427Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Women'sMD6.5 - 8
502428Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Women'sXL8.5 - 10
502421Post-Op Shoe (Semi Rigid), Youth/ Child12 - 2




I-Fit Foam Wrist


50010XI-Fit Foam 7 inch, leftXS - XL
50011XI-Fit Foam 7 inch, rightXS - XL
50020XI-Fit Foam 10 inch, leftXS - XL
50021XI-Fit Foam 10 inch, rightXS - XL


I-Fit Wrist Support with Thumb


50030XI-Fit Wrist Support with Thumb, leftXS - XL
50031XI-Fit Wrist Support with Thumb, rightXS - XL


Suede Loop Lock Wrist Support


50070XSuede Loop Lock 7 inch, leftXS - XL
50071XSuede Loop Lock 7 inch, rightXS - XL


Suede Lace Up Wrist Support


50082XSuede Lace Up 7 inch, leftXS- XL
50083XSuede Lace Up 7 inch, rightXS- XL


Suede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support


50092XSuede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 10 inch, leftXS- XL
50093XSuede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 10 inch, rightXS- XL
500928Suede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 8 inch, leftSM- MD
500929Suede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 8 inch, leftLG- XL
500938Suede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 8 inch, rightSM- MD
500939Suede Lace Up Wrist/Forearm Support 8 inch, rightLG - XL


Universal Lace Up Wrist Support


500820Universal Lace Up Wrist Support 7 inch, leftUniversal
500830Universal Lace Up Wrist Support 7 inch, rightUniversal
500920Universal Lace Up Wrist Support 10 inch, leftUniversal
500930Universal Lace Up Wrist Support 10 inch, rightUniversal


Universal Gel Wrist


500610Universal Gel Wrist, rightUniversal
500620Universal Gel Wrist, leftUniversal
500630Universal Gel Wrist, replacement padUniversal


Universal Thumb Splint


500600Universal Thumb SplintUniversal


Universal Thumb Lacer


500940Universal Thumb Lacer 7 inch, leftUniversal
500950Universal Thumb Lacer 7 inch, rightUniversal
500960Universal Thumb Lacer 10 inch, leftUniversal
500970Universal Thumb Lacer 10 inch, rightUniversal


Thumb Lacer


50094XThumb Lacer 7 inch, leftXS - XL
50095XThumb Lacer 7 inch, rightXS - XL
500948Thumb Lacer 7 inch, leftSM - MD
500949Thumb Lacer 7 inch, leftLG - XL
500958Thumb Lacer 7 inch, rightSM - MD
500959Thumb Lacer 7 inch, rightLG - XL


CMC Thumb Wrap


500601CMC Wrap, rightSM - MD
500602CMC Wrap, rightLG - XL
500603CMC Wrap, leftSM - MD
500604CMC Wrap, leftLG - XL


Deluxe Tendonitis Strap


500503Deluxe Tendonitis StrapUniversal


Air Tendonitis Strap


500504Air Tendonitis StrapUniversal


Universal Tendonitis Strap


505001Tendonitis Strap (1.5 in.)Universal
505002Tendonitis Strap (2 in.)Universal


Wrist Sleeve


50040XWrist SleeveXS - XL




Combo Units


502700Kodiak Unit 
502701Kodiak Combo, Multi Use 
502702Kodiak Combo, Multi Use, Long StemUniversal
502705Kodiak Combo, ShoulderUniversal


Kodiak Accessories


502890Kodiak, Y Adapter
502891Kodiak, Compression Strap 
502892Replacement Transformer  
502893Kodiak, Battery Pack 


Intelli-Flo Pads


502710Intelli-Flo, BackUniversal
502711Intelli-Flo, Hand/WristUniversal
502712Intelli-Flo, ShoulderUniversal
502713Intelli-Flo, Shoulder XLUniversal
502714Intelli-Flo, Multi-UseUniversal
502715Intelli-Flo, Multi-Use LSUniversal
502719Intelli-Flo, AnkleUniversal
502720Intelli-Flo, 3" x 5"Universal
502721Intelli-Flo Pad, HipUniversal
502723Intelli-Flo Pad, KneeUniversal


Polar Wraps


502730Polar Wrap, ShoulderSM/MD
502731Polar Wrap, ShoulderLG/XL
502732Polar Wrap, BackMD
502733Polar Wrap, BackLG


Sterile Insulation Barriers


502716Knee/Multi-Use/Shoulder, Sterile Polar Dressing
502717Shoulder XL, Sterile Polar Dressing
502718Ankle, Sterile Polar Dressing
502722Intelli-Flo Pad, Hip, Sterile DressingUniversal




BOA Compression Brace


510102BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low ProfileX-Small
510103BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low ProfileSmall
510104BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low ProfileMedium
510105BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low ProfileLarge
510106BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low ProfileX-Large
510107BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low Profile2X-Large
510108BOA Compression Brace, 8" Low Profile3X-Large
510113BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low ProfileSmall
510114BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low ProfileMedium
510115BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low ProfileLarge
510116BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low ProfileX-Large
510117BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low Profile2X-Large
510118BOA Compression Brace, 10" Low Profile3X-Large


BOA Brace with Chairback


510202BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low ProfileX-Small
510203BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low ProfileSmall
510204BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low ProfileMedium
510205BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low ProfileLarge
510206BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low ProfileX-Large
510207BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low Profile2X-Large
510208BOA Brace with Chairback, 8" Low Profile3X-Large
510213BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" RegularSmall
510214BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" RegularMedium
510215BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" RegularLarge
510216BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" RegularX-Large
510217BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" Regular2X-Large
510218BOA Brace with Chairback, 10" Regular3X-Large




510243BOA SI BeltSmall
510244BOA SI BeltMedium
510245BOA SI BeltLarge


Female BOA Back Brace (75)


510172Female BOA Back Brace (75)X-Small
510173Female BOA Back Brace (75)Small
510174Female BOA Back Brace (75)Medium
510175Female BOA Back Brace (75)Large
510176Female BOA Back Brace (75)X-Large
510177Female BOA Back Brace (75)2X-Large
510178Female BOA Back Brace (75)3X-Large




510503BOA Duel TLSOSmall
510504BOA Duel TLSOMedium
510505BOA Duel TLSOLarge
510506BOA Duel TLSOX-Large
510507BOA Duel TLSO2X-Large
510500BOA Duel TLSO Extension Panel-Pair


BOA Slim Panel XTR


510232BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"X-Small
510233BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"Small
510234BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"Medium
510235BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"Large
510236BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"X-Large
510237BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"2X-Large
510238BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 8"3X-Large
510253BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"Small
510254BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"Medium
510255BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"Large
510256BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"X-Large
510257BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"2X-Large
510258BOA Back Brace W/ Slim Panel XTR, Low Pro 10"3X-Large
510230BOA Slim Panel XTR, 8" 
510250BOA Slim Panel XTR, 10" 


BOA Accessories


510150Lordotic Insert7 degree
510151Lordotic Insert10 degree
510152Lordotic Insert12 degree


Rigid Frame Chairback


51015XRigid Frame Chairback, StandardS-XL
51016XRigid Frame Chairback, 13" ShortM-XL


BOA Lite


510133BOA LiteSmall
510134BOA LiteMedium
510135BOA LiteLarge
510136BOA LiteX-Large
510137BOA Lite2X-Large


BOA Universe


510301BOA Universe, 627
510302BOA Universe, 631
510303BOA Universe, 637
510310BOA Universe, Extension Panel (adds 5" to circumference


Industrial Back Support


502302Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders X-Small22" - 24"
502303Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders Small24" - 30"
502304Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders Medium30" - 36"
502305Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders Large36" - 42"
502306Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders X-Large42" - 50"
502307Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders2x-Large50" - 56"
502308Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders3X-Large56" - 64"
502309Industrial Back Support, with Suspenders4X-Large64" - 72"
502312Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders X-Small22" - 24"
502313Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders Small24" - 30"
502314Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders Medium30" - 36"
502315Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders Large36" - 42"
502316Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders X-Large42" - 50"
502317Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders2x-Large50" - 56"
502318Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders3X-Large56" - 64"
502319Industrial Back Support, without Suspenders4X-Large64" - 72"


Tracy Collar


503101Tracy Collar, Adult, with extra linersShort
503102Tracy Collar, Adult, with extra linersReg
503103Tracy Collar, Adult, with extra linersTall
503104Tracy Collar, Adult, with extra linersX-Tall
503100Tracy Collar, Replacement pad setsUniversal


Cervical Collar


503010Cervical Collar3"
503020Cervical Collar4"
503030Cervical Collar2.5"


BOA Replacement Parts


200138Anterior PanelS-M
200137Anterior PanelL-3XL
200129Liner, Anterior PanelSmall
200128Liner, Anterior PanelLarge
200154Straps (2), ChairbackS-M
200155Straps (2), ChairbackL-3XL
200156Liner, ChairbackSmall
200157Liner, ChairbackMedium
200158Liner, ChairbackLarge
200159Liner, ChairbackX-Large
200212Liner, 13" ChairbackMedium
200213Liner, 13" ChairbackLarge
200214Liner, 13" ChairbackX-Large
510149Extension PanelN/A


TLSO Replacement Parts


200224TLSO Posterior PanelS-M
200225TLSO Posterior PanelL-2XL
200234Anterior Panel NeutralS-M
200235Anterior Panel NeutralL-2XL
200236Sternal Assy (Assembly)N/A
200237Sternal PadN/A
590095TSO Sternal Assembly(Sternal Bar/Pads/Straps)N/A
590096TSO Sternal Assembly, Tall(Sternal Bar/Pads/Straps)N/A


Orthopedic Accessories


Shoulder Therapy Kits


550020S.Y.S.T.E.M. Shoulder Therapy KitN/A
552203Red Theraband DoorstrapN/A
550020-1Resistance Tubes w/ handles (3)N/A
550020-2Rope, Pulley & Adapter Strap KitN/A
550020-3Shoulder Kit RodN/A


Knee Therapy Kits


550024F.L.E.X. Knee Therapy KitN/A


Ankle Therapy Kits


550021T.E.A.M. Ankle Therapy KitN/A


CPM Products (Knee)


550003Danninger 500 (SS)N/A
550003MWDanninger 500 (MW)N/A
550004Chattanooga OptiFlex (SS)N/A
550004MWChattanooga OptiFlex (MW)N/A
550005Chattanooga AutoFlex3 (SS)N/A
550005MWChattanooga AutoFlex3 (MW)N/A
550006CPM PAD/Knee, Kinetic 4091N/A
550006MWCPM PAD/Knee, Kinetic 4091N/A
550007CPM PAD/Knee, Kinetic 4071N/A
550007MWCPM PAD/Knee, Kinetic 4071N/A
550008Breg K500 (SS)N/A
550008MWBreg K500 (MW)N/A
550009Danninger 400 (SS)N/A
550009MWDanninger 400 (MW)N/A
550012CPM Pad Knee, Sutter 7000N/A
550010CPM Pad UniversalUniversal
550010MWCPM Pad UniversalUniversal
550110CPM Pad Knee, Danninger OKUniversal
550110MWCPM Pad Knee, Danninger OK (MW)Universal
550111CPM Shoulder, Kinetic 780/CS12Universal


CPM Products (Ankle)


550002Kinetec 5190 (SS)N/A
550002MWKinetec 5190 (MW)N/A


CPM Products (Shoulder)


549997Kinetec CenturaN/A
550011Kinetec 7080 (SS)N/A
550011MWKinetec 7080 (MW)N/A


CPM Accessories


549999Knee StrapUniversal